Beach Club
2244199812_251b9d8b93_b "If you have not been to Beach Club, then you have not been to KL." Popular with tourist and city dwellers alike, Beach Club Cafe is designed to give it a whole Hawaiian and tropical touch with its attap roof and timber finishing. Reminiscent of a beachside island bar, it holds everything from a rattan chairs and wooden tables. Beach Club Cafe brings about a breezy and warm ambience,making it the perfect place to be if you are looking for somewhere to sit back and relax after an exhausting day.

Beach Club picrest_beachclub1 Cafe transports you to that Island beach realm the moment you step into the premise. Even our bars are individually named after several of our beautiful local islands. Why travel all the way to the beach side to enjoy that whole beach side atmosphere when you could get it right here in the heart of KL? Beach Club Cafe definitely makes you feel like you are on an island. Have lunch at our Dining Terrace. With different set lunch everyday and menu content that changes from time to time, you will be spoiling with food and beverage choices at Beach Club Cafe. Chill and unwind at the Sea View area during Happy Hour, and let our resident bands entertain you with live music. Don't forget to reserve one of the special spots at the VIP area for that party night out as our resident DJs take you to a world of fantastic mix of retro and commercial hits.

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